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Short Term Loans Help Fix Long Term Credit Scores

Short Term Loans Can Help Fix Long Term Credit Scores

In the real world, there sometimes are choices that need to be made. Those choices are not convenient good-bad, black-white, smart-dumb decisions. They more often are a matter of degree, where choice A costs a little more than choice B, but in the long term choice A proves to be the bigger bargain. This is often the case with guaranteed personal loans .

The most common form of guaranteed personal loans are payday short-term loans . Your guarantee to the lender that you will pay it back is your paycheck. Usually, on the date the loan comes due the lender has your pre-authorization for a debit charge against your checking account, making it an automatic payment. This date is set according to when you are paid – hence the common name, a payday loan.

There are fees and interest associated with these short-term loans – called short term because they typically are held 30 days or less. So there certainly is a cost. But pit those costs against your alternatives and guaranteed personal loans often turn out to be the better deal:

Saves you from late fees and other interest charges

If you have three or four invoices due that you’ll miss without a short-term loan, the penalties can add up to more than the cost of the loan.

Saves you from additional “dings” against your credit history

Of a longer-term concern, running late on those bills might bring down your credit score. Paying back on a guaranteed personal loan is actually treated as a plus by credit reporting agencies.

Saves money on necessary purchases

If there is an important purchase you will have to make sometime soon (water heater, winter coat, tire replacement) and it goes on a good sale before your payday, guaranteed personal loans to enable sale price purchases can often prove prudent.

The important thing is to do the research, then do the math. The numbers don’t lie if you look at them in the broader scope.