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Increase Credit Score

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Increase My Credit Score


Increase my credit score-learn how to raise credit score

Increase my credit score is a plea I hear every day. Do you want credit basics? To learn about credit reports? What are fico scores? Better banking and credit card smarts are waiting for you.

The answer to increase my credit score is simple really. The problem though, is with people and the emotion they bring to the issue of credit report repair. You can be engaged in the emotional issue of how do I increase my credit score, but only if you leave the rest of the baggage out of the equation. Here is an example and see if you see yourself or any of your situations in the illustration I outline next.

Many people hang their hat onto something to help them to define who they are. I am a teacher. I am a boss or a business owner or a mother. This might be true, but what else are you? If you decide to attach an identity to who you are, then you are shortchanging yourself if you don't encompass all that you are. Increase my credit score is only a part of you. It does not define you.

For instance, if you are a mother, I'm quite certain that you also are a chauffeur and maybe a coach and maybe a wife and a volunteer. Now, look at the subject of credit scores. Do you say that you are a 650 FICO score? Probably not, but my bet is that you attach the attributes of a 650 to whatever you identify with. A 650 score is considered to be below average credit, so do you associate your self worth with a bill paying slacker? Do you consider yourself not worthy of that fancy automobile because you could never make that type of payment? Do you consider yourself a failure because you still owe the hospital several thousands of dollars for a medical emergency? How about auto loans? Student loans? If you want to learn how to increase my credit score, start with who you are.

How To Repair Bad Credit?

You can't come to the table and want to know how to repair bad credit unless you can drop the identification you have with lower scores. Resolve to remove yourself from what bad credit means because if you look carefully at the dynamics of a credit report you will see that you probably can afford payments on a fancy car if your interest rates were lower. People good with money spend money differently. They are wise in their decisions to purchase and there isn't a chance they would throw money away on interest rates that are too high.

Vow to embrace some of these habits. Pay your bills early. Don't wait till the last minute because wise people know that credit card interest is calculated daily. Every day you carry a balance means one more day of higher interest payments. And consider this-it isn't your money you are holding onto. You borrowed the money from a lender in exchange for consumer goods that you wanted at the time.

If you can disassociate yourself with these bad credit habits, then you can learn the answers to what you have asked, how to fix my credit. This is how to raise your credit score.

Never Do This

Don't close old accounts because you don't use them anymore. These historical accounts translate to stability with lenders and they are often looked at with positive notes.

Don't open accounts for jewelry stores and furniture stores. These types of accounts hurt your credit scores.

Don't go above 30% of your available balance with credit cards. Keeping your spending under this threshold will increase your credit report scores.

Don't be late in payments. the late fees are added to your balance and interest rates are then added to this. You never win.

Don't pay minimum payments. You have to calculate a way to pay off your debt sooner. It will save you money.

Always DO This

Do ask the lender to lower your interest rates. Many will do so if you ask.

Do pay early because credit card interest is a daily calculation.

Do shift balances to lower rates, but still keep old accounts open.

Do write a dispute letter in an attempt to correct reporting errors.

Do get at least annual credit reports to track your progress.

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