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Fun With India


raise credit scoreHaving fun with debt collectors is part of the credit repair game.

Everybody who has had credit problems has had to deal with collectors and this is a fictional account of this experience.

This is not real, so don't send me any mail crying and whining about it.

If you don't like to have fun and laugh at your situation, then please leave before you listen to the following.

It is rank, classless and well, pretty funny. It may offend some people.

This is how you deal with debt collectors

First of all remember this…they have no idea who you are. The collector hasn't the faintest clue if your wife or husband ran off with someone else and left you high and dry. To be honest, most of them don't care and the majority of them cannot help you.

They exist with a list of names and balances and their job is to pressure you.

If you want to make a deal with them, there are several ways to do this and it is covered completely in another site credit card forgiveness. There they do a great job of instructing you exactly how to deal with collection people.

Collection people are just working people, hired to do a job. They are not evil nor are they out for blood. If you want them to stop calling it is very important that you realize that you have to write a letter to them and request this in writing. Get a signature from certified mail. They are bound by law to honor your claim, but is has to be in writing.

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November 7, 2010

Roland @ 11:43 am #

That is the funnies thing I have ever heard. Sweet…

November 10, 2010

Peterson @ 5:42 pm #

Dude—whoever did this is genius.

Marly @ 5:43 pm #

I love the nagging wife in the background. No wonder he has a gun handy. LOL

HempisGood @ 5:44 pm #

Isn't that exactly how those people are when they are trying to collect? Just tell them you aren't paying. Great idea.

November 30, 2010

Jenelle Dyches @ 4:45 pm #

I have been examinating out a few of your posts and i can claim pretty nice stuff. I will make sure to bookmark your site.

December 1, 2010

Laurel Jeane @ 4:43 am #

Keep functioning ,terrific job!

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